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  • Warranty

    We at Charmouth Caravans are committed to comprehensive and effective after-sales support and believe that it is vital in today’s market. Our warranty covers major items both externally and internally.

    Our warranty cover continues for 6 months for all caravans up to and including those that are 20 years old at the time of purchase.

    What is covered


    • Braking Systems - All mechanical linkage, backing plates, actuators, drums and shoes. (Exclusions: This warranty does not cover damage to brake drums, shoes or any other faults caused through misuse of the braking system or normal wear and tear.)
    • Chassis - All chassis members including outriggers.
    • Running Gear - Axles, hubs, hub bearings, hub oil seals, road wheels (excluding tyres and tubes)
    • Suspension - Springs, hangers, shackle pins, bushes, shock absorbers and mouldings.
    • Towing Mechanism - All mechanical components of the towing mechanism fitted to caravans (excluding electrics).
    • Body Leaks - Water ingress through any permanently sealed seam or joint, being a part of the original manufacturer’s construction. (Water Ingress cover is only in force for caravans less than 5 years old at time of purchase)

    Note that body panels of any kind (aluminium, GRP and moulded plastic, including wash basin and shower tray), paintwork, windows and interior décor are all specifically excluded from any cover.


    • Auxiliary Electrics - Main hook-up input connector, ELCB, battery charger and distribution unit, interior lighting units (excluding bulbs and wiring).
    • Cooker - The cooker unit includes burners, a grill, an oven and flame failure device and an igniter.
    • Fridge - Door seal, condenser, gas control valve, gas igniter, flame failure device, 12 and 240v selector switches, 12v and 240v heater elements, gas thermostat, 240v thermostat, 240v temperature control switch.
    • Heating System - Thermostat, motor, fan motor, switches, control unit, gas heater, flame failure device, igniter (including ducting and fitting).
    • Water System - Water heater (gas or electric), onboard water pump, water gauges.
    • Cassette Toilet - The cassette toilet is covered (excluding seals, valves and glands and the cassette).

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